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Wednesday concert music cultures: Dama Mahaleo, Erick Manana & Madagascar Roots Band

Wednesday concert music cultures: Dama Mahaleo, Erick Manana & Madagascar Roots Band

Our research fellow and coordinator Jenny Fuhr performs on 13th January 2016 with the „Madagascar Roots Band“ in the Rudolf-Oetker Halle in Bielefeld. The concert is broadcasted live on WDR3.

Musical treasures from one of the poorest countries on earth: Madagaskar. In the early 1970’s the young student Dama fuelled together with his classmates, physicians and sociologists the revolutionary clamour of the ordinary people with critical songs; since then their band Mahaleo is popular nationwide. Dama Mahaleo has never stopped to comment on the incidents in his country through his music – also as a solo artist – as songwriter, poet and public figure.
He meets his colleague and compatriot, who is as popular as him in Madagascar: guitarist and singer Erick Manana. He lives since the early 1980’s in France and preserves the musical diversity of the island, particularly the rice farmer sounds of his highland home and the urban song tradition of the capital Antananarivo in the Madagascan diaspora worldwide. He keeps the music alive, but also combines tradition with creative and innovative elements.
“Lova-tsovina” means in Madagasy understanding-from-within and solely-from-oral-tradition – a fascinating, inexhaustible source of musical experience for the young German musician and ethnologist Jenny Fuhr who performans together with Erick Manana since 2009. The bigger Formation, the Madagascar Roots Band, made their debut 2012 in the Palais des Sports located in Antananarivo. In 2013 performances followed in the Parisian Olympia and in the Berliner Philharmonie.

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WDR3 live broadcast of the concert

13th January 2016, 8pm

Lampingstraße 16
33615 Bielefeld