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Continuation of the Project “Lexicon of Tanja Ostojić ”

We are very glad to annouce that alumna Tanja Ostojić has secured funding to finalise her interdisciplinary research project „Lexicon of Tanja’s Ostojić“, which was in research phase during her fellowship at the Graduate School from 2012 to 2014. This is thanks to a „Goethe Institute Regional Grant for Balkans“ and to collaboration with Goethe Institute Belgrade,  Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade (Serbia), Museum of Contemporary Art Republic of Srpska in Banja Luke (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka (Croatia) and Live Arts Development Agency London.

In collaboration with Vahida Ramujkic and 30 project participants, Ostojić will realise four creative workshops in „Documentary Embroidery“ in 2017, two solo exhibitions and a book published in English based on her research undertaken 2011-2017, containing visuals for the „rich project archive“.

„Lexicon of Tanja’s Ostojić“ (2011–17) is an interdisciplinary, participatory research project in which on-line social media networks, as well as collaboration and exchange with women who share the same first and family name, have been utilised. The name-sisters are characterised by diverse nationalities, diverse age, differing levels of education, professions, social statuses and diverse life experiences. Via personalised sociological research and direct social and creative exchange, Berlin based artist Tanja Ostojić creates maps that document how approximately 30 project participants – 30 name sisters — have been migrating, and what identity issues, gender issues and labour conditions concern them.

The exhibition will first be shown in the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade in Serbia (7 June – 17 July 2017). It will then move to the Atelier of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka in Croatia (11 August – 7 September 2017). Two launches of the book "Lexicon Tanja Ostojic” are planned to be held at Goethe Institute Belgrade and at Live Arts Development Agency London in December 2017.


When? Where?
7. Juni- 17. Juli 2017
Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade
Botićeva street 8
11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia

11. August- 17. September 2017
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka
Dolac 1/II
Rijeka, Hrvatska, Croatia