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Exhibition "Stragies of Success"

The Venice Biennale is a global phenomenon. A tourist attraction, a financial party of the art world, an intellectual soup. “I´ll Be Your Angel” (2001), shows the artist accompanying the Biennale’s Director Harald Szeemann during the opening days of the 49th edition, performing as his escort – his Angel.

Gender struggles and relations of power and sexuality within the art system are also pivotal in another work taken from Ostojics project “Strategies of Success/ Curator” Series , that is “Be My Guest” (2001). In this video we see Ostojic having dinner with curator Bartolomeo Pietromarchi at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and then taking a Jacuzzi bath together with art critic Lodovico Pratesi.

3. Februar bis 5. März

Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Palazzo Pianetti
60035 Jesi AN

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