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Performance „Hypo Chrysos“

Our fellow Marco Donnarumma will present the performance „Hypo Chrysos“ at Spektrum in Berlin in the context of „Exhibition #9: Dark Body Dark Identity“.

During this twenty-minute action the performer pulls two concrete blocks in a circle. His motion is oppressively constant; he has to force himself into accepting the pain until the action is ended. The increasing strain of the muscular tissues produces continuous bioacoustic signals. The sound of the blood flow, muscle contraction bursts, and bone crackling are amplified, distorted, and played back through eight loudspeakers using the biophysical instrument „XTH Sense“, developed by the author. The same bioacoustic data stream excites an OpenGL-generated swarm of virtual entities, lights, and organic forms diffused by a panoramic HD video projector.

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Friday, March 17, 9:30 pm

Birkner Str. 12
12047 Berlin