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Pilot Episode of “Kanal 82“

Our fellows Zeynep Tuna and Nino Klingler present the pilot episode of “Kanal 82“ together with a performance by German-Turkish stand-up comedian Idil Baydar aka Jilet Ayşe in the frame of the exhibition series “NARphotos. Moments from Turkey.“ organized by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and f³ – freiraum für fotografie.

The event language is German.

We proudly present: The pilot episode of “Kanal 82”, a Turkish soap opera set in the fictional 82nd province in Turkey. The channel inadvertently airs live and uncensored and triggers a series of unforeseen tumults. The episode is accompanied by Jilet Ayşe from Berlin who swears in a special accent that the unbelievable story is nothing but the truth.

19 September 2017, 7pm

Kino Eiszeit
Zeughofstr. 20
10997 Berlin

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