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Lecture & Performance @ Club Transmediale

Still from Marco Donnarummas Performance

Marco Donnarumma: “Corpus Nil-Performance at ZKM, 2016

 source: Onuk

Our fellow Marco Donnarumma gives the lecture “The Restlessness of Hybridity” and presents his performance “Corpus Nil: Eingeweide” during this year’s Club Transmediale (CTM).

Technologies such as prostheses and biosensors, are active means of lived experimentation: they enable forms of hybrid embodiment such as the cyborg, whose diverse representations by artists and performers have infiltrated our societal normative regime. To talk about body politics is therefore to talk about the technologies the body incorporates, how they probe its alleged integrity.

Wearing an AI robotic prosthesis that has a particular behaviour and sensibility towards its wearer, its environment, and surrounding sound, Marco Donnarumma tests his and the AI’s agency through a ritualistic, sensual, and tense choreography of movement, sound, and light. The dancer and prosthesis eventually access a new identity as they influence one another, questioning notions of “passive” intelligent software, the role of AI in regulating human bodies, and the optimism of the trans-humanist ideal.

2 & 3 February 2018

CTM Festival
Different locations in Berlin