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What if it won’t stop here?

book cover
source: Verlag: Archive Books / Design: Nienke Terpsma

Works and conversations by Marco Donnarumma, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Lisa Glauer, Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari, Darsha Hewitt, Kiran Kumar, Clarissa Thieme, Zeynep Tuna, and Nino Klingler.

Coming from dance, music, film, performance, visual art, and critical theory, nine artists from the UdK Graduate School in Berlin get together to talk concepts and share work. They respond to the sense of despair spreading in times of political backlash: What if it won’t stop here? How are we to dispel the air of gloom that clouds the horizon for imagining change today? And how do we reckon with dire realities but stretch the parameters of space and time enough to find some marge de manoeuvre

Based on artistic experience, the artists in this book access macropolitical concerns via micropolitical practices. They outline what art could do now to face up to the bleak mood and still speak through media, data, and the body.

This book was published by Archive Books on the occasion of Graduale 2018, the biannual showcase of the Graduate School fellowship programme at the Berlin University of the Arts, funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin.

Published by Archive Books 
Edited by Daniel Pies and Jan Verwoert
Designed by Nienke Terpsma
Softcover with flaps
17 x 22 cm
240 pages, colours
ISBN 978-3-943620-95-5
Euros 15,00

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