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Eingeweide" at Meta Marathon 2019

source: Manuel Vason, Giovanni de Angelis, Giada Spera, Cosimo Trimboli

Alumnus Marco Donnarumma and Marghertia Pevere will show their piece Eingeweide at Meta Marathon 2019. 

Eingeweideis a ritual of coalescence. Two human bodies, an artificially intelligent prosthesis and out-of-body organs take on a choreographic struggle of unity and transformation, bending sensuality and symbolism.

The digital  festival will examine the effects of digitalisation and advancements in robotics, as well as the questions these bring with them. What happens when robots leave the industrial context and become part of our everyday lives? What must society be prepared for if automated processes are being performed by machines and decisions are being made without human intervention? How do robots change our actions and feelings? Are machines becoming more human or are human emotions becoming more mechanical? Can robots help us relax and slow down, and what does a culture of intelligent robotics look like?

When? Where?
15 March 2019, 9pm
NRW-Forum Düsseldorf
Ehrenhof 2
40479 Düsseldorf

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