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“It is April”

Video screening of "It Is April" by Rindon Johnson in an exhibition space

Installed for the New Liquid Model @ Duve Berlin

 source: Duve Berlin

Graduate School Associate Rindon Johnson’s 2017 work “It is April” will be shown as part of the film program “Intimate Topographies” of the “Electrified Identities” Cinema Camp in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

"Intimate Topographies" is a program curated by Almudena Escobar López, that proposes alternative archival practices that account for histories of queer sexuality through spatial mapping. Landscape becomes a generative tool to think through practices of queer filmmaking and to go beyond into the creation of productive imaginaries. This program shows how exploration, uncertainty, human desire, and gender performativity, can produce work that propose intimacy and sensuality as forms of remembrance. The program is part of the anual Cinema Camp organized by the Meno Avilys Film Center based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

When? Where?
10 August 2019, 11.30am – 1pm
Cinema Camp: Electrified Identities
Salos 42314

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