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The Moon Goose Analogue

Astronauts with goose in moonscape

SPACE SUIT TESTING, Astronaut Training Method No. XIII, Moon Goose Colony, videostill, 2011 © Agnes Meyer-Brandis, VG-Bild Kunst 2018

 source: Agnes Meyer-Brandis, VG-Bild Kunst 2018

On the occasion of its second collaboration with LOOP Barcelona, CosmoCaixa hosts a proposal by German artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis, whose work waves scientific facts and fiction with a personal touch of poetic imagination. In the framework of the exhibition, the panel Moon Geese and Beyond - a conversation between Agnes Meyer-Brandis and Ulla Taipale takes place on 14 November.

Resulting from a commission by the Arts Catalyst and FACT Liverpool in 2011, THE MOON GOOSE ANALOGUE: Lunar Migration Bird Facility (MGA) is a multidisciplinary project that dramatizes the 1638’s novel by Francis Godwin The Man in the Moone, where the protagonist flies to the Earth satellite in a chariot towed by ‘moon geese’. Inspired by the book, Meyer-Brandis raised eleven moon geese from birth, giving them astronauts’ names, imprinting them on herself, and training them to fly in a remote Moon analogue habitat. As illustrated in the project’s documentary film The Moon Goose Colony (MGC), the artist carried out a potential interplanetary journey with the accuracy of scientific research, leaving viewers with a sense of wonder and the fascination for outer space.

When? Where?

Exhibition: 12 – 24 November 2019
Panel: 14 November 2019
Cosmo Caixa Museum
Carrer d'Isaac Newton, 26

08022 Barcelona


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