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Film Als Landwirt / As a Farmer Online Verfügbar

Men on the field

Film still from "Als Landwirt / As a Farmer" by Stefan Hayn and Anja-Christin Remmert

 source: Stefan Hayn, Anja-Christin Remmert

The film Als Landwirt / As a Farmer by our former fellow Stefan Hayn and Anja-Christin Remmert is available online until 15th May 2020 on the website of Kino Arsenal under arsenal3 week7/8. Username and password are in the text, no registration needed.

Als Landwirt (As a Farmer, Germany 2007, OV/English ST, 65 min)
What is it about? About agriculture, conventional agriculture, about work, about the seasons and about a different, non-urban perspective on tradition, which has long been considered as backward-looking and which the film explores as conscientiously as possible, with distance, solidarity and a regional concreteness. After a blaze in Burgstall in July 2003, the members of the Geißendörfer family were faced with the question: To quit or take the major risk of expanding? We started shooting the film when the new stable opened in September 2005, coming back four times within a year. (Stefan Hayn)

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