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Mediterranea 19 - School of Waters

The 19th edition of the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean will take place in the State of San Marino under the title School of Waters, as proposed by the participants of the third edition of A Natural Oasis? A Transnational Research Programme (2018-2020) and will comprise of exhibition, film, performance, research and educational programs.

Mediterranea 19 – School of Waters imagines a biennale as a temporary school inspired by radical and experimental pedagogies and the way they challenge artistic, curatorial, and research formats. From this standpoint, School of Waters acts as a collective tool to defamiliarise stereotypes that manipulate our geographical imaginaries, especially those linked to the Eurocentric interpretation of the Mediterranean area. School of Waters revolves around a critical rethinking of the material and symbolic agency of waters from a geopolitical and deep-ecology perspective. The desire to learn from waters reveals ways to un-train nationalisms and rediscover watery syncretism that constituted the Mediterranean as a complex platform of life forms and knowing processes. The curatorial team develops Mediterranea 19 as an ecology of practices, trickling through various spaces in resonance with the specificity of a small state such as the Republic of San Marino.

Among the participating artists is our former fellow Valentina Karga.

When? Where?
15 May - 31 October 2021
Repubblica di San Marino
Città di San Marino (historic centre)

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