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View of the Rummelsburger Bucht


 source: Lena Loose

Musuku (Museum für Subkulturen) and Modell Berlin present our colleague Lena Loose and her work Bucht. The exhibition takes place in the framework of the European Month of Photography (emop).

Bucht is a work about open space and urban transformation.

100 years after the founding of Greater Berlin, Modell Berlin asks authors, artists, scientists and critics: How we live in the capital today? How do we get along in it, how does the city get along with us? What makes city dwellers capital city dwellers – what do we contribute to Berlin the capital?

Since 2004, Germany’s largest photo festival EMOP shows the entire spectrum of historical and contemporary photography in Berlin every two years.

When? Where?
Opening: 20 September, 6pm
Exhibition: 20 September - 2 October 2020
St. Matthäus-Kirche
am Kulturforum
10785 Berlin

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