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hello? YES? (signs and apparitions)

The duo exhibition explores signs whose unnoticed, invisible or coded messages elude legibility. These signs and the gaps between them open up free spaces in supposedly closed systems in which we search for, recompose and uncover meanings.

Max Liebstein's paintings deal with fragments of writing and written images that overlap, blur and disappear. They question the visibility and understanding of the signs that surround us and determine whether we feel a sense of belonging in changing environments. Max Liebstein studies Fine Arts at UdK Berlin in the class of Christine Streuli.

In Liese Schmidt's sound and video installation, communication technologies are used to make contact with ghosts; spooky apparitions and secret virtual messages are investigated. Voices from devices and walls draw attention to the power of signs and their inner life.
Liese Schmidt studies Visual Communication at UdK Berlin.

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Please remember to bring a medical mask and a negative corona rapid test when you visit.

When? Where?
18 June - 2 July 2021, 12 - 7pm 
Abteilung für Alles Andere
Ackerstraße 18
10115 Berlin-Mitte

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