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As a Berlin based painter and filmmaker, Stefan Hayn (*1965) rediscovered painting through cinematic approaches, especially along the questions about ”representative authenticity” in so-called ”documentary films”.

In his lecture he will talk about relationships between cinema and painting and show his film MALEREI HEUTE/PAINTING NOW (1998-2005, in collaboration with Anja-Christin Remmert, 61 min). Hayn’s focus is directed less on the blending of painting’s and cinema’s modes of production and reception, as usually happens in ”new media“, but rather on the collision of their different pictorial and narrative potential, trying to make socio-political effects of today’s media communication perceptible.

Funded by The Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, The New York City for Cultural Affairs and Franklin Furnace.

When? Where?
7 October 2021, 5pm 
Franklin Furnace New York
(online lecture & screening) 

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