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Mousse Magazine #75

Every Word Was Once an Animal

"In the midst of a pandemic whose origin is a mystery far from solved, scientists are racing to identify the source of COVID-19. It’s a global crime scene with an animal as its prime suspect and the world population its affected bystanders. What no political movement or historial uprising has ever succeeded in doing - namely bringing the wheels of capitalism to a temporary halt - the animals achieved. Zoonotic diseases are emerging with unprecedented frequency. Whether we’re speaking of bird flu or swine flu, SARS, Ebola, or HIV, it all has to do with broken balances between humans and animals, generally caused by the latter being intensively hunted, bred, or traded."

The article touches upon Yalda Afsah's film trilogy Tourneur (2018), Centaur (2020) and Roller Pigeons (in progress).

Written by Maurin Dietrich

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