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Ketan Bhatti

Becoming Different Together – Artistic Innovation Through Embodied Mimesis

Ketan Bhatti is a drummer and composer. With his project ”Becoming different together – artistic innovation through embodied mimesis” he asks how mimetic processes can facilitate communication between different artistic disciplines in order to create interdisciplinary forms of expression. He wants to both explore these ideas as a musician and evaluate them on a theoretical level.

Ketan Bhatti was born in 1981 in Neu Delhi. Having been active in the German Jazz and Hip Hip scene from early on, he studied Jazz drums at the Berlin University of the Arts. As a drummer, Bhatti has published several records and received fellowships and awards by Deutscher Musikrat, the Berlin Senate and Goethe Institute. Bhatti also received the Karl-Hofer-Award for a jazz composition he performed together with Simon Stockhausen. As a musician Bhatti participated in productions at Thalia Theater in Hamburg and Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin. For arte/ZDF Bhatti composed and produced the soundtrack for the latest film adaptation of Wedekind’s “Frühlings Erwachen”. His long-lasting interest in transdisciplinary collaboration led Ketan Bhatti to a theoretical engagement with the concept of embodied mimesis as a possible method of aesthetic and cultural innovation. Within the interdisciplinary forum of the Graduate School he wants to explore this method together with artists and cultural studies scholars.