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Adnan Softić & Nina Softić

source: Nina Softić


TOXIC TEXTILE TALES is a research-oriented and practice-based project that explores the problem of language in the context of environmental pollution in the form of textile and sound works. A major side effect of the global economy, besides the deliberate environmental damage, is that neither access nor insight into the different stages of production is possible. The result is that consumption becomes disconnected from responsibility. And even if people make an effort to act responsibly, even then they are usually quite wrong - the production and disposal chains are often not traceable even for the producers. Using several concrete incidents of environmental crimes, the project examines the inability to act against the background of communicability and focuses on the limits of language.

Adnan Softić completed his studies in Film and Aesthetic Theory at the University of Fine Arts, Hamburg, in 2007. Nina Softić studied fashion design at FH Trier and HAW Hamburg. They have been working on joint projects since 2013. In their works, they repeatedly deal with historical themes and politics of remembrance. Their works have been shown in numerous exhibitions and screenings at home and abroad, most recently at Johann Jacobs Museum, Zurich; Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo; MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome; Berlinische Galerie; Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg and many more. Their latest film "Bigger Than Life"(2018) won, among others, the Grand Prize of the International Competition of the 22nd International Short Film Festival Winterthur and the 3sat Sponsorship Award at the 64th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.