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Lisa Glauer

"Strip Landings"

Verunsichtbarungen entlang Grenzformationen – Drawing from San Diego/Tijuana
The project examines images of (scientific) knowledge and power in the border cities Tijuana San Diego (USA), searches for invisibilities and that which is potentially subversive and develops fictionalized narratives for the production of (un)knowledge and (un)truths  from and for a European border perspective. Documents, technical drawings and excerpts from documentary films are made into „cover versions“ that is, tracings are produced in human border milk. The purpose is  openly emphasizing the affective aspects of the images.
Film sequences are developed on the basis of (historical) models and projected within showrooms and the public space. Thus, walls of the public space are “soaked” with milk, a hyper-subjectivized perspective straight from the body turned to the outside. And the regular processes of the production of knowledge, that on the one hand take place due to processes of abstraction and objectivication and on the other hand due to the publications demanded by sponsors are mimetically reproduced (persiflage).
Lisa Glauer is an artist and a scientist based in Berlin since 2002. Her focus is on the initiation and development of international, transdisciplinary art projects. Since 2016, she is a research fellow in the project GedenkOrt, Charite/Berlin University of the Arts.

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