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Nino Klingler

“Kanal 82”

2016 to 2018 Team project with Zeynep Tuna

“Kanal 82” tells the behind-the-scenes-story of a fictive local Turkish TV station, mainly dealing in light entertainment fare.  Being inexperienced in “serious journalism”, the channel‘s crew is one day caught unaware by a horrific event - too horrible to be mentioned here - which all the big media organs self-censor immediately. Only Kanal 82 sends live and uncut.
Following current events in Turkish society and politics, the project combines the production of a satirical web-series with an open research on the political role of local/private TV broadcasting in Turkey.

Filmmaker and philosopher Nino Klingler (*1984 studied film and philosophy in Berlin and Istanbul. He has (co-) directed some short films and writes film critiques.

Zeynep Tuna-Klingler (*1985 Eskişehir, Turkey) studied Film and Television (BA) at Istanbul Bilgi University and Art in Context (MA) at Berlin University of the Arts. As a video artist she works predominantly with found footage material. Her works focus on construction of identity under national, cultural and sexual influences and their representation in visual media.

YouTubeChannel of "Kanal 82"