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Soo-eun Lee

Der Findling 2009

“Oper Dynamo West” is a platform for experimental theater which was founded in 2006. It aims to occupy empty spaces within the West Berlin city center in order to reflect on their history, function and meanings. Its plays and performances are thus always firmly rooted in the everyday city space and incorporate its inhabitants.

Lee Soo-eun is a co-founder, performer and stage designer of “Oper Dynamo West”. Within the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences, Lee Soo-eun is working on a stage design and spatial concept for a performance based on the novella “The foundling” by Heinrich von Kleist and Heiner Müller’s play „Wolokolamsker Chaussee V – Der Findling“. She is interested in a contemporary re-interpretation of the motif of the foundling which reflects on the political and social situation in re-united Germany and attempts a connection to the division of Korea.

Born 1972 in Busan/South Korea, Lee studied German Literature in Korea before moving to Berlin in 2000. Here, she studied performing arts and stage design at the Berlin University of the Arts. She finished her studies with a diploma. She is co-founder of the theater group “Oper Dynamo West” where she not only works as a stage and costume designer but also as a performer and project manager.

Together with Janina Janke, she developed and realized several projects which were not only performed on theater stages but also in the city space:

       „Cairo Shanghai Bombay“ (2008) at Central Bus Station
       „Der Freischütz_GA“ (2008) at Schillertheater
       „Vom Schweben“ (2008) at Deutsche Oper
       „Universal“ (2008) at Motel One
       „Fort_Führung“ (2007) at Zoologischer Garten train station

From 2005 until 2006, Lee led the intercultural project „Berlin_Korea Livingspace_Imagespace“ which was invited to the 17th International Keochang Theater Festival and to the Frankfurt Book Fair 2005. In 2007, Lee received the DAAD-Award 2007 of the Berlin University of the Arts.
Since 2008 Lee has been „Meisterschülerin“ with Prof. Hartmut Meyer.
Since November 2008, Lee is a stipendiary of the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences at the Berlin University of the Arts.