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Rindon Johnson

Video still of a digital collage

I First You (11/11), 2018 - HD Video, MP4, 5:28 mins

 source: Rindon Johnson and Daata Editions

Alternative States of Being

Rindon Johnson conducts a material linguistic study of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). His work raises such questions as: How do we as artists, critics, writers, scientists and thinkers interact with these mediums; what do we find in our employment of them? What might happen when changing realities is a commonplace activity? What of the social world might we thereby remake together?

Rindon Johnson is an artist and writer. He is the author of Nobody Sleeps Better Than White People (Inpatient Press, 2016), the virtual reality book Meet in the Corner (Publishing-House.Me, 2017) and Shade the King (Capricious, 2017).