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Salon für Ästhetische Experimente: If I Told You, Would You Believe?

Originally meant as a research presentation, my project “ARCHIVING THE ‘MO(VE)MENT’: Documenting the Black and African Experience in Knowledge Decolonisation” has evolved over time into a series of reflections and interventions. After almost two years of The fellowship program of the Graduiertenschule of the UdK Berlin, I will be looking at my experience with the Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences (BAS) through my teaching practice and a series of questions.

The Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences (BAS) / Graduiertenschule program is promoted as an international fellowship, open to researchers and artists across the world.

How does this simple fact affect the experience of the program?

What is expected of the researcher and the institution?

How do we situate the power dynamic between the two?

Knowing that fellows are evaluated, who evaluates the institution?

On what basis do we measure sufficient support for participants of the program?

These are some of the thoughts and questions that this presentation will seek to work through.

Because the footprints we leave are for those like us who are coming.

First things first, Okhiogbe Omonblanks Omonhinmin na the pikin of Victoria Elomese Omonhinmin and Cosmos Ijogbe Omonhinmin, E family big well well and e believe say all these things na very important reason wey make am the person wey e be today, because of the type of pikin wey e be to e mama and papa, the type of brother wey e be to e siblings and the nephew, cousin and uncle wey e be to e extender family and the different communities wey e don stay, all join to make am the very person wey dey do the type of work wey e dey do and difference nor dey between e work and daily life, all of dem joining together as storyteller and spacemaker. E be fellow and lecturer for University of Arts, Berlin and e fellowship go end this September 2023.

When? Where?
10 July 2023, 7pm
KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Studio)
Auguststraße 69
10117 Berlin

Presentation & Open Conversation
in English, Pidgin

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