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workshop: The Political and the Gesture

with Irina Kaldrack (media theorist) und Timo Herbst (artist)

in German

In the workshop we focus on the relationship between gesture, corporeality and "the political".
First, we watch G20: The video documentation shows a performance and video installation by Irina Kaldrack and Timo Herbst, which took place in October 2018 at the Kunstverein Leipzig. We asked to what extent the riots during the G20 summit in Hamburg were or showed political gestures. We were also interested in the relationship between speaking (about), physicality in space, and the projections. In the group, we would like to discuss the documentation from different angles and collect questions about the relationship between art, activism and (personal) philosophies. In a second step, working groups are formed that focus on selected questions and develop concepts/sketches or scenes based on the discussed material or on their own. Which practices are used depends on the participants and their expertise as well as their wishes. 

Timo Herbst received his diploma at the University of Arts in Bremen and Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig (Germany). His work was shown in several museums and galleries in and outside of Germany like Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig, Bethanien Berlin or Artothek of Museums Cologne. He was fellow of Art Quarter Budapest (Hungary), Goethe Institut Villa Kamogawa Kyoto (Japan) and of Yarat Contemporary Art Center Baku (Azerbaijan) and Kulturstiftung Sachsen (Germany). 2016-2018 he was research fellow in an interdisciplinary project and research group “Arts and Science in Motion” of Volkswagen Foundation via FU Berlin and University of Arts Braunschweig. Timo Herbst lives and works in Leipzig and Berlin. 

Irina Kaldrack, born 1970, is Guest Professor for “Knowledge Cultures in the Digital Age”at Braunschweig University of Art. She studied mathematics (diploma) and theatre studies (minor subject) in Mainz and Berlin and received her doctorate in cultural studies with a thesis on interactive performances. Since 2009 she has been teaching and researching in media studies, since 2015 in transformation design. Her research focuses on the theory and history of digital media cultures, knowledge cultures under technological conditions, the media and scientific history of motion, as well as methods at the intersection of media studies and design processes, artistic practice and academic research. Since January 2017, Kaldrack has been director of the project "The Entanglement between Gesture, Media, and Politics", which is sponsored by the VW Foundation as part of the program "Art and Science in Motion".