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Program of Study

General Description

General Description

The Research Training Group is a collaboration between disciplines of art history, cultural studies, theater and media studies, philosophy, engineering, and pedagogy. The program of study offers a framework in which individual research questions can be discussed and expanded through trans-disciplinary exchange and with visiting scholars. The entire Research Training Group participates in planning the program of study. 

The program of study takes place during the regular weeks of instruction for each semester and includes:

  • colloquia in which PhD students present their projects (every two weeks)
  • reading groups on general theoretical positions (every two weeks)
  • courses to obtain key qualifications (good research practices, a writing workshop, time and self management, training for public presentations, publication possibilities)
  • research workshops
  • participation in artists’ laboratories and excursions to exhibitions, theater performances, etc.

The program of study includes the involvement of guests and PhD students supported by stipends from the Research Training Group as well as faculty in research and studio arts from the Berlin University of the Arts. External PhD students who are working on related questions or interested in participating in the research group’s activities should please contact the research group’s academic coordinator before attending any events. The following events are public (see also our event archive):

  • lecture series (in the winter semester) 
  • artistic-academic symposia or international academic conferences (in the summer semester) 

Themes for the conception and execution of lecture series, symposia, or yearly conferences are developed interdisciplinarily and realized collaboratively, with the aim of establishing contacts with the international research community. The context of a university focused on both academic research and studio art practice offers an immediate relationship to the arts.