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Game Sprint

source: Game Sprint
source: Game Sprint
source: Game Sprint

Founder:  Till Hasbach

Mentor:  Prof. Klaus Gasteier

funded by: Creative Prototyping x Sustainability - das Berliner Startup Stipendium an der UdK


Game Sprint is a process framework for the modular development of serious games. Serious games are "serious" game solutions that can teach players knowledge, accelerate team-building processes, or can be used as innovation methods, for example. And best of all: They are fun.


The core of Game Sprint is an algorithm, which consists of about 250 game mechanics and with the help of which a prototype of a serious game is developed within a short time based on some parameters (competitive/cooperative, complex/simple, restriction/freedom). Game Sprint offers its customers the rapid development of game-based methods for solving or improving business problems. What is special about this is that Game Sprint does not only develop the individualized game solutions, but does it with a small team of the customer. These internal trainers are the multipliers for the successful implementation of the game methods in the company. The founder Till Hasbach has proven in the past with the example of Moonshot The Innovationgame that serious games can not only have economic relevance, but can also address social problems and that with the process of Game Sprint such game solutions can be developed quickly and purposefully. 


Game Sprint is the playful answer to a mass of standardized and often not very activating methods in the field of agile business development. No problem is too serious, no process too boring and no topic too far-fetched not to be answered with a playful method from Game Sprint.