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Custom made mouse

source: Team Mouse
source: Team Mouse
source: Team Mouse

Founders: Hao Xu, Yuhang Han, Pauline Baron-Bossauer

Mentor:  Prof. Ian Ferguson

funded by: Creative Prototyping x Sustainability - das Berliner Startup Stipendium an der UdK


A unique mouse that is automatically generated based on data from the human hand and computer calculations. What is the most comfortable mouse? A mouse that moulds itself 100% to the shape of your hand, of course. Standardised designs cannot capture everyone's hand data, but with our customisation system it is possible. To avoid waste, the mouse is designed to be modular so that individual parts can be replaced at any time. 

The Berlin Startup Scholarship is funded by the European Social Fund and the State of Berlin (Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises).

source: ESF