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source: Christian Lübbert
source: Antonia Breme

Founder: Antonia Breme

Mentor: Prof. Axel Kufus

funded by: Creative Prototyping - the Berlin startup scholarship at the UdK Berlin

In the context of DisPlay, the artist Antonia Breme dedicates herself to window display from a sculptural perspective: an interplay of material, pedestal and exhibited product is explored, with the aim of optimally presenting goods in shop windows.

The focus is placed on the artistic approach, as well as on generating an interactive experience based on sensor technology and hypermedia. This allows the viewers to become actively involved - through a spectrum of different senses - with what is on display.

The aim is to apply aspects of art and design in a commercial shop window context, to create a counterpoint/complement to online retail through heightened visibility and experience, and to sustainably influence the cityscape through cultural interventions.