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Futurized Outerwear

source: Fotografin: Honi Ryan; Modell: Eli Bauer
source: Fotografin: Honi Ryan; Modell: Eli Bauer
source: Nina Birri
source: Fotografin: Honi Ryan; Modell: Eli Bauer

Founder:  Nina Birri

Mentor:  Prof. Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen

funded by: Creative Prototyping - the Berlin startup scholarship at the UdK Berlin

Futurized Outerwear redefines newness in times of material scarcity. Discarded garments and materials are redesigned into contemporary jackets and coats that are sustainably produced, unique and suitable for everyday wear.
Futurized Outerwear addresses the growing mountains of textile waste and inadequate recycling systems. The appreciation of discarded garments as a resource – both in terms of material and their formal potential – shows in the design and production system. The challenges of serial production when dealing with unique source materials such as wasted clothes are met using the principle of “Form follows Material”. The new designs are inspired by and develop based on the discarded garments’ shapes and aesthetics. Design elements such as pockets, collars and waistbands etc. are recontextualized and reused as decorative and functional elements. Situated between newness and nostalgia, a generous look with unique details emerges.