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source: Retie
source: Mia Alvizuri Sommerfeld
source: Lucia Kempkes

Founder:  Lucia Kempkes, Mia Alvizuri Sommerfeld

Mentor:  Prof. Waldemar Kraus

funded by: Creative Prototyping - the Berlin startup scholarship at the UdK Berlin

Re:tie will offer up cycled, hand-knotted and locally produced carpets and home textiles from post-consumer and pre-consumer textile waste from German households and companies. Worn-out items of clothing, mis production or leftovers are turned into unique textile items for a long-lasting and sophisticated interior design. RE:tie is the first German company in the interior design and home textile segment to respond to the contemporary demand for future-oriented design with a 100% sustainable product range made in Germany. With high standards of quality and design almost art, RE:tie aims to establish itself as a company and brand for luxurious, surprising and artistic solutions.