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Philipp Roidinger

source: © Vivien Anders

Philipp Roidinger

lecturer for jazz-/rock-/pop theory, arrangement, composition und ear training since wise 2023/24


Philipp Roidinger (born in Austria) is a multi-awarded pianist/keyboardist, composer and psychologist. He studied jazz piano in Linz (JIM), Vienna (mdw), Berlin (JIB) and Arnhem (ArtEz) as well as psychology at the University of Vienna and the TU Berlin.
He works as a freelance artist in the broad field of contemporary popular music styles such as jazz, hip-hop, (neo-)soul, afrobeats, UK-breakbeat, Afro-Carribean/Brazilianand electronic music genres. He has collaborated with artists from all over the world, including William Pope.L, Dead Prez, Jeru the Damaja, Erykah Badu, Bilal, Culcha Candela, Sido, Omar Lye-Fook, Rapadura, Dub FX, Richard Howell, Matador or 2Baba. Philipp has gained many years of experience as a bandleader and sideman and has performed more than 1200 shows, including at prestigious stages such as the Jazzfest Vienna, Nomadic New York Festival, Open Air Frauenfeld or the Olympiastadion Berlin. He is co-founder and musical director of the internationally acclaimed hip-hop group »The Swag« and the Berlin based »The Swag Jam« sessions. As well, he cooperates in interdisciplinary projects with artists from the areas of literature, dance, film and performance art (e.g. Savvy Contemporary, Babylon Europa, Interfilm Festival Berlin).
Philipp is also active in scientific and artistic research. His interests range from cultural psychological topics to the meaning and functioning of aesthetic qualities like the groove. His comprehensive study on how musical improvisation works in the human mind/body has won several prizes and has been published as a monograph by Springer Fachmedien under the title »Musikalisches Improvisieren« (2018). Currently, he is researching the transformative and restorative effects of aesthetic perception and action on human development and well-being.