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Media Workshop

Digital media / video
Stefan Kunzmann 
Focus: audiovisual, computer based and interaktive work, web
Mon–Fri 12–17h, room 143

Photo and image editing / print
Dagmar Tränkle 
Focus: digital image editing, digital painting, scan, print
Appointments after arrangement (Tue–Thu, 12–17h) at:

Extended moving images / video / VR / 2D- and 3D-animation
Vadim Schäffler
Focus: Video in 2D- und 3D, VR and postproduction
Appointments after arrangement (Mon–Wed, 12–17h) at:

Film / video / sound recording
Christoph Manz 
Focus: Film and video (analog and digital)
Mon, Thu, Fri 12–17h, room 139

Hardenberstraße 33
room 137–142 and 143 (office), 266 (videostudio)

Equipment lending during the semester

Mondays and Thursdays 12:30-16:30h, room 139
Reservations and renewals are possible on-site only
(not by email or phone)


with key card in room 137
Mon-Sun during the building opening hours
(Key cards after introduction during opening hours of the workshop)


Amr Nasr
Amanda Ezquerra
Lilli Falzoi
Dongryoung Han
Sandra Bak