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Davide Guarneri

Davide Guarneri begun his musical education at the age of 7 as a pupil of Federico Maria Sardelli (conductor, flute player and musicologist; founder of the Modo Antiquo baroque orchestra) and continued it at the Luigi Cherubini State  Conservatory of Music in Florence (Italy) as a student of Prof. Piero Lori and Prof. Simone Bensi (oboe) as well of Prof. David Bellugi (recorder). In 2007 he  received from that school a Diploma of oboe and in 2008 another one in recorder with the highest score, honneurs and a special honorable mention. In 2013 he got a Bachelor degree of oboe with the highest score and honneurs from the Musikhochschule in Karlsruhe (Prof. Thomas Indermühle). More years of studies followed at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart (Prof. Christian Schmitt). Between 2003 and 2005 Davide won the 1st price at four national (Italian) music  competition. In April 2013 he was in the semifinal round (the 3rd one) at the 1st Muri International Competition for Oboe (Swiss) where he  received a spezial price from the jury. He’s a member of the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie since March 2014. As a recorder player of the Modo Antiquo baroque orchestra he took part in 2  recordings of the Vivaldi project (th recording of all the composer’s works) by  the label Naïve Classic,Opus 111. He attended masterclasses by François Leleux, Thomas Indermühle, Jacques Tys, Domenico Orlando, Christian Schmitt and Paolo Grazzi (baroque oboe). From October 2015 Davide is studying recorder (for a master degree) at the Universität der Künste (UdK) in Berlin with Prof. Christoph Huntgeburth.