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KLANGZEITORT - Institute for new music

KLANGZEITORT. A joint institute for new music of the UdK Berlin and HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin

klangzeitort is a joint institute for new music of the Universität der Künste Berlin and the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin. klangzeitort organises workshops, projects, concerts and other events, presenting a laboratory for musical composition in relation to contemporary music and sound practices.

As a joint structure of the Universität der Künste Berlin and the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin klangzeitort is first and foremost a forum for students and faculty. Our program, however, is oriented to professional artists and any persons interested in learning more about contemporary music and sound.

klangzeitort researches, both practically and theoretically, inter- and trans-disciplinary connections of music to
   - theater and dance
   - visual arts and architecture
   - video and media art
   - diverse cultural practices
considering its work to fall within the context of research in the sciences and humanities, including critical theory and contemporary social and political questions. In this spirit we work in close contact with creators of art, researchers and specialists of many fields.

More information about our projects may be found at our facebook page:


MEHRLICHT!MUSIK is a festival presented by KLANGZEITORT, the joint institute for new music of UdK Berlin and HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin.


The next festival MEHRLICHT!MUSIK takes place from 22-25 November 2018.

KLANGZEITORT presents works by student composers performed by students of both schools in a concentrated three-day festival.


Bundesallee 1-12, Room 146 and Room 159
10719 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 3185 2701/ -2700


Mail: klangzeitort[at]

Artistic Direction Team

Prof. Daniel Ott
Prof. Wolfgang Heiniger
Dr. Irene Kletschke

Management and Coordination

Irene Kletschke, Stephanie Bender
Bundesallee 1-12, Raum A 7
10719 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 3185 2906


Eva Jansen and Susanna Heise,
Bundesallee 1-12, Raum 146 und Raum 159
10719 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 3185 2701/ -2700


mon, tues, thurs 10-17
wed 10-14
fri 12-17

due to pandemic conditions irregulary 

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