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Core team UdK Berlin Rundgang

We would like to thank all students and teachers of the UdK Berlin for organising and presenting their work during the Rundgang - Open Days.

They are supported by the following core team:

Coordination and organisation: Department for Facility Management, Occupational Health & Safety under the direction of Irina Heckendorff

Head of Event: Felix Wolf (Department for Facility Management, Occupational Health & Safety)

Deputy Head of Event: Jan Krause (Department for Facility Management, Occupational Health & Safety)

Marketing and UdK:shop: Strategic Marketing Department under the direction of Dr. Michaela Conen

Rundgang online platform: medienhaus/ team, supervised by Andi Rueckel and Robert Schnüll
Design and Development of the Rundgang online platform 2022: Katharina Brenner, Lilli Joppien and Karen Czock of Studio?
in cooperation with Insa Ruckdeschel and Mona Völkel, Strategic Marketing Department

Press relations, online communication and social media: Press & Communication Unit headed by Claudia Assmann.

The Berlin University of the Arts is legally represented by the President Prof. Dr. Norbert Palz