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UdK Concert Hall

source: Mareike Blank

The UdK Concert Hall, Corner of Hardenbergstraße and Fasanenstraße

The UdK Concert Hall is one of the showplaces of Berlin’s cultural life. Every November, the eagerly awaited highlight of the UdK’s musical programs takes place at the UdK Concert Hall: the "Konzert für die Nationen," or Concert for the Nations, performed by the UdK Symphony Orchestra under the artistic direction of Prof. Lutz Köhler. The Concert Hall is also the most important venue for the annual UdK music festival, “crescendo.”  

With its glass-enclosed foyer and crisp, clear lines, the UdK Concert Hall is considered an outstanding example of the Berlin architectural style of the 1950’s. The building, designed by architect Paul Gotthilf Reinhold Baumgarten in 1954, was classified as a historical monument in 1995.  

A few years ago, the UdK Concert Hall was extensively renovated, using funds from the second economic stimulus program (Konjunkturprogramm II) as well as from the "Lotto Stiftung Berlin." Since November 2009, it has proudly worn its original colors, exactly as originally designed by the architect. During the renovation, the Concert Hall was also furnished with new seating; in a second phase of construction it was equipped with contemporary media technology, a new stage, and new stagecraft equipment. The renovations were completed in late 2010, followed by a grand reopening.  

The UdK Concert Hall is a popular venue not only for concerts and recitals by UdK students and teachers, but also for external events with popular artists and internationally recognized stars.   As part of the donation drive in connection with the Concert Hall’s 50th anniversary in 2003, a proposal was considered to change the name to “Karajan Concert Hall.” This idea was rejected, however, and will not be pursued further.