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Seedfunding Projects 2023

source: Bernd Grether

Selection 2022 completed — the following projects were selected:

Chamber Music Topographies (Prof. Dr. Laura Tunbridge & Dr. Dörte Schmidt)

Agriculture(s), survival, living and belonging (Prof. Dr. Nanna Lüth & Prof. Oreet Ashery & Project Collecive Agricultures School c/o Lawine)

Dissenting Knowledges (Dr Kate Keohane, Prof. Daria Martin, Prof. Kathrin Peters, Dr. des Annika Haas, Onyeka Igwe, Harold Offeh, Karina Griffith, Constantin Hartenstein)

More-than-human-perspectives: Natureculture explorations of symbiosis, cohabitation and friction (Prof. Dr. Amanda Power, Prof. Nina Fischer, Prof. Dr. Mathur Nayanika, Lilli Kuschel, Vanina Saracino, Maroan el Sani, Dr. Eiko Soga, Prof. Dr. Fiona Stafford)