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FAQs on applications and grants from the UdK Berlin Solidarity Fund

Who can receive support from the fund?

Students enrolled at the Berlin University of the Arts, and whose personal and social situation requires special support are eligible to apply. Financial need is assessed based on current bank statements. The assessment takes into account particular individual circumstances of the applicant.

How does the application process work?

Please use the online platform for the application.


When can the application be submitted?

From now on, you can apply for a support fund via the online platform.

How much financial support can I get?

Depending on individual requirements, different subsidies can be applied. More details will be announced here at the end of the year.

What can be financed with money from the UdK Berlin Solidarity Fund?

An application for money from the UdK Berlin Solidarity Fund can be made, for example, for a project grant such as exhibitions, performances, or study projects. Or for a material grant, e.g., processing material, media. But also a grant for fees and licenses, e.g., image and sound rights, commissions for sheet music, or a grant for work equipment (chairs, tables, etc.).


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