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Questions for Prof. Dr. Melanie Hinz

source: David Baltzer

What is particularly important to you as a professor when dealing with students?

For me, the focus is on advising, accompanying and supporting the students. How do they currently view their professional field, what visions, questions and fears do they bring with them, and how can I support them in developing a theater pedagogical attitude, while facing the ever-changing demands and challenges in artistic theater work with non-professional performers with visionary power and optimism.

Why did you decide to accept a professorship at the UdK Berlin?

The discipline and the professional field of theater pedagogy have been decisively shaped by the teachers and the training at the UDK over the past decades. I am very keen to help shape the future of the MA Theater Pedagogy and BA/MA Teaching Theatre at the UdK.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working together with colleagues and students, developing new concepts for teaching formats and theater projects, creating the diversity of experiential and educational situations, theater rehearsals, and the quiet moments of scientific research when I get them...

Prof. Dr. Melanie Hinz is professor of Theater Pedagogy at the College of Performing Arts and Deputy Director of Studies for BA Teaching Certificate Theater and MA Theater Pedagogy.