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Common Ground

About Common Ground

Common Ground is a student initiative that supports prospective students and students at risk within the UdK Berlin. It originated in the Support Refugees (SURE) project founded by a few students from Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftskommunikation (Communication in Social and Economic Context) at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) in 2015. The project was a direct response to the war in Syria and the significant number of people seeking refuge in Berlin. From its beginnings, the goal of the initiative was to support people who have experienced forced migration, offering advice and opportunities to engage with local creatives and organizations. Over the years, it has further developed to provide assistance and a sense of community to disadvantaged newcomers, before and during their study application process. It continues to be a place for creative encounters between UdK Berlin students and diverse communities in Berlin, as well as for raising awareness about issues relating to migration and exile.


Documentation Common Ground 2016-2023: in English / Arabic (Translation Michaela Daoud) / Farsi (Forough Absalan) und Ukrainisch (Yevheniia Perutska)


General Webseite:

Common Ground Consulting: Consultations & events, such as How to Study and Our Space

E-Mail: artisttraining-ziw[at]




Common Ground Studio: One-year participation as a guest student plus for fine arts

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The Common Ground Consulting project is a programme of the UdK Berlin Career College in cooperation with Artist Training and is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
The Common Ground Studio project is a programme offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts at the UdK Berlin.