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Student Council Artistic Training Music (FSR KA Musik)

source: Credits: FSR KA Musik, Oliwia Meiser


The Student Council Artistic Training Music (FSR KA Musik) is the independent and elected representation of all students of the Artistic Training programs (Early Music, Piano, Orchestral Instruments) and Church Music.

Currently there are eleven members: 

  • Elias Braun (BA piano)
  • Stefan Burchardt (BA violin)
  • Akim Camara (BA Conducting)
  • Clara Eglhuber (BA cello)
  • Xixi Gabel (BA violin)
  • Moritz Lopper (BA trumpet)
  • Jona Mehlitz (BA flute)
  • Johanna Müller (BA violin) 
  • Annika Rast (BA flute)
  • Jona Schibilsky (BA violin) 
  • Daria Tudor (MA piano) 

As an integral part of the students co-determination at UdK, we are the direct and representative body for the concerns and needs of the students in our degree programmes. We are elected annually and work on a voluntary basis.

Since we work self-initiated and self-determined, we are open to your plans, suggestions and wishes and depend on you to point out problems to us! So if you have a concern, you are welcome to contact us and we will do our best to help you.  

As FSR KA Musik we have an autonomous budget provided by the university, with which we can support your projects and initiatives with up to 400€ if you apply to us.


email: fsr-musik-ka_


Facebook group „UdK Berlin KA“: 


bulletin boards at Bundesalle and Fasanenstraße