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University Administration

UdK Berlin, Einsteinufer 43

 source: Juliane Zach

The employees of the Central University Administration are responsible for central administrative tasks and support research, artistic projects, studies and teaching at the Berlin University of the Arts with their services. The central university administration is headed by the Director of Finance and Administration, who is also a member of the university management.

Berlin in December 2023: The Central University Administration is firmly opposed to all forms of anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination. We see the university as a vibrant and safe place for study, teaching, research, art and work, free from discrimination and violence. With our administrative services, we support all members of the Berlin University of the Arts as well as prospective students, partner institutions and guests in mutual appreciation and respectful cooperation towards an education free of discrimination.

Director of Finance and Administration

Dr. Ulrike Prechtl-Fröhlich
Einsteinufer 43
Email kanzlerin_

Phone (030) 3185 2445, 2446
Fax (030) 3185 2496

Legal Office

Nadia Ali
Phone (030) 3185-2423
Email nadia.ali_

Katja Barudi
Phone (030) 3185- 2669
Email katja.barudi_

Axel Mütze
Phone (030) 3185- 2422
Email ds_

Department for Funding and Cooperation

Link to the Department for Funding and Cooperation

Julia Warmers
Phone (030) 3185-2865
Email julia.warmers_

Department for Planning, Organisation, Data Handling

Alexandros Gougousoudis
Phone (030) 3185-2424, -2425
Fax (030) 3185-2781

Human Resources Department

Claudia Grotti
Phone (030) 3185-2434
Fax (030) 3185-2415
Email claudia.grotti_

Financial Department

Benno Woskowski
Phone (030) 3185-2473
Fax (030) 3185-2920
Email benno.woskowski_

Administration of External Funding 

Head: Rita Kiefer
Phone (030) 3185-2889


Department for Building and Real Estate

Irina Heckendorff
Phone (030) 3185-2695
Fax (030) 3185-2779

Department for Study Affairs and Committees

Julia Kühlcke
Phone (030) 3185-2421
Fax (030) 3185-2269