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Piano Master Chamber music and/or Lied accompaniment

Application periods and entrance requirements

Application periods

15 October–15 December for summer semester
15 March-15 May for winter semester


Entrance requirements

• Bachelor degree in piano from UdK Berlin or an equivalent degree from another university
• Special musical talent
• for international applicants: sufficient German language skills (language certificate German A2 for application and language certificate German B2 for enrollment)

your application - step by step

  1. Register and verify yourself (if you have not already done so in the past) in the Campus Management Portal of the UdK Berlin:
  2. Log in to the Campus Management Portal ( and submit an application for admission to the desired degree programme there by the application deadline.
  3. When submitting the application in the Campus Management Portal, please upload a bank statement as proof of payment of the fee of 30 € for processing the application as a PDF (max. 20 MB).
    For bank transfer from abroad: proof of payment.
    For online banking: turnover statement
    Other proofs/receipts (such as transfer orders) will not be accepted.
  4. Information on transerring the 30 €:
    Kasse der UdK Berlin
    Berliner Volksbank
    IBAN: DE 72 1009 0000 8841 0150 46
    Reason for payment: 35/01036, degree programme, name, application number

    Berliner Volksbank eG
    Budapester Straße 35
    10787 Berlin

    For foreign bank transfers:
    Please make sure that you pay all applicable transfer fees (OUR - sender pays costs) when making the transfer.
    More information about the application fee could be found here.

  5. All of the following application documents must be uploaded digitally, only the language certificate can be brought to the exam.

    Upload Deadline: March 15, 2022 to June 20, 2022.
    File format:: PDF, max. 4 files of 50 MB each, max. 200 MB in total.

    The upload takes place via the portal BEMUS

    ● Printed CV in tabular form
    ● Proof of Bachelor’s degree of a recognized university
    Copy of passport
    International applicants must also provide proof of their Germanlanguage skills: language certificate German A2 for application and language certificate German B2 for enrollment.
    You can find more information here.
    Transfer students from other univercities must enclose proof of previous study and examination achievements. You can find more information here.


-> You have an international degree?
-> Are you an applicant from China or Vietnam?

Entrance examinations

What happens after the application?

Detailed information on the procedure and content of the
entrance examinations are provided on the website of the piano department:

Please address all your questions regarding the application 
and admission procedure directly to the piano department:klavier_