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FAQs on the bemus upload portal

What is bemus?

Bemus is the upload portal of the UdK Berlin and was developed so that applicants can submit their application documents (formal documents) and also work samples (portfolios etc.) digitally. The degree programmes themselves decide which documents are to be uploaded and when. Information on this can be found on the application pages of the respective degree programme.
Please note: Bemus uses your entire internet bandwidth to make the upload as fast and efficient as possible.


How do I get to bemus and how can I log in?

To do this, go to the following website
You can log in with the same login data that you use to log in to the campus management portal my.udk-berlin.
Always use the latest version of your browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome).
Please note that the login will take some time, so please be patient. Refresh the page if necessary.

Upload files

What file formats, file quantities and file sizes can I upload to bemus?

File formats, quantities and sizes are determined individually for each degree programme.
If you are to upload your documents at the same time as the application deadline, you will find the required information on the application pages of the respective degree programme.
If you are to upload your documents after the application deadline, you will be informed by e-mail about the content, number and format of the required files.

Label files

How do I label my files for upload?

Your files should be labelled according to the given pattern.
You will find the corresponding samples on the application pages of the respective degree programme (upload within the application deadline) or in the information email (upload after the application deadline).

Functions of bemus

What can I do on bemus?

After logging in to bemus, you can select the application campaign for which you have previously applied in the campus management portal my.udk-berlin. Within the upload period, you can upload the files required for the respective degree programme application on bemus, view them and, if necessary, delete them again.
While you are uploading files, bemus always shows you the current progress of your upload. Especially with very large files or shortly before the end of the upload period, the upload may take some time. Therefore, upload your files as early as possible.
The upload can be interrupted at any time and continued at a later date.
A green background indicates the success of the upload, including the duration of the upload. A red background indicates that the upload is faulty or incomplete. If possible, please delete the faulty file and try again.
You can only upload files that comply with the required file formats and sizes. bemus shows you at any time which files you have already uploaded.

Guidance on working with bemus for applicants

Here you can find instructions (German / English) for uploading application files to bemus.

Technical problems

I have technical problems with the login or the upload. Who can help me?

Please check in advance that your login data is correct and that your browser is the latest version. If necessary, use a different browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. Also check whether your router is working properly; if necessary, restart it.

If you still have problems, please contact our support:
Please note that the support team is not available 24/7 and will therefore respond with a time delay.

Please also note that at the end of an upload period, there may be an increased volume of use by all applicants. In this case, please try again at another time.
From experience, we advise you to start the upload as early as possible.

Who sees my files

Who sees my files uploaded to bemus?

The admission committee of the degree programme and the staff of the Enrolment and Examination Office have access to your data. The data cannot be changed or deleted by the admission committee or the the staff of the Enrolment and Examination Office.

Delete files

When will my files be deleted from bemus again?

The UdK deletes the data after the end of the application procedure and the associated appeal period. No copies are stored.