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Accident report for students

Students of the UdK Berlin who have an accident in connection with their attendance at the UdK Berlin must fill out an accident report.
This applies, for example, to accidents on the way to and from school, accidents on the UdK grounds and in class, and also to excursions within the framework of classes.
This does not apply to guest and secondary students.

The accident report should be filled out by the teacher or administrative staff who saw the accident or to whom the accident was reported.
The accident reports for students can be found here:

Company number of the UdK at the Unfallkasse Berlin: 9013 7263 4713 001.

The completed document must be sent to the Unfallkasse within three working days. One copy of each document must be sent to the responsible person in the Registration and Examination Office (IPA) and one copy must be sent to the safety officer responsible for the UdK Berlin, Mr. Pieper (preferably by e-mail). In this context, please inform the IPA whether the accident report has already been sent to the Unfallkasse and our safety officer.

Contact Steffen Pieper
Occupational safety specialist
State-certified technician for environmental protection and process engineering