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During the semester at the UdK Berlin

What is MYMATE?

In the winter semester 2021/22, the new subject-specific peer programme MyMATE starts in all Master's degree programmes.

This peer programme works like this:
UdK students from higher semesters are matched with new international MA students in the same degree programme and support them in their first months in Berlin and at the university. These so-called MATEs provide the first-semester students with useful information and tips on studying and act as their first contact person in the degree programme. We also support the MATE pairs with an accompanying workshop programme on intercultural and diversity skills.

Where do I study?

All courses of the architecture programme take place in the 2nd & 3rd floor of the main building of the UdK (Hardenbergstraße 33, S+U Zoologischer Garten or U Ernst-Reuter-Platz).

The architecture mailing list as well as the notices on the floor will inform you about events, changes, and interesting study, competition and internship offers.

Which spaces can I use?

In its many colleges Berlin University of the Arts offers a wide spectrum of workshops and studios, which are available to students of architecture once individual agreement is obtained. Printing, metal and joinery workshops allow experiment with different modes of artistic representation in architectural designs. In addition, the university offers special training opportunities to all its students. The study programme has its own joinery workshop and a CAD laboratory with diverse printing opportunities. A digital FAB LAB with laser cutter, 3-D printer and milling cutter is currently being set up. sowie ein digitales FAB LAB mit Lasercutter, 3D Drucker und Fräse. Here you can find information about the opening hours.

Which libraries are available for me?

Books on all faculties of the UdK can be found in the Universitätsbibliothek der UdK Berlin in the VOLKSWAGEN-HAUS at Fasanenstr. 88 (corner of Hertzallee, close to the Zoologischer Garten) and in the Bereichsbibliothek Architektur und Kunstwiss. Gebäude A-F in Straße des 17. Juni 152. There are also many other libraries in Berlin, such as the Humboldt University Library, the State Library or the Central and Regional Library.

What is the Studium Generale?

The Studium Generale is not a separate course of study. It is a cultural-scientific and interdisciplinary-artistic basic program integrated into bachelor and art diploma programs of the UdK Berlin. In each semester there are a number of lectures, seminars and workshops of the Studium Generale to choose from. The courses in the field Cultural Studies offer multidisciplinary approaches to figures of thought, theories and methods. Interdisciplinary artistic practice and theory is the second focus of the Studium Generale. You can learn different art-specific thinking and behavior in interaction with students from other courses of study. A few are offered in English.

Which student representations and initiatives have been established at the UdK Berlin?

Fachschaft Architektur (FSR): Fachschaft Architektur (FSR) is an voluntary group of elected students who represent the student interests of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design. Together they form a council which also has financial means at its disposal. The FSR also functions as a mediator between students and the heads of the institutes, supports student initiatives and helps you with questions and problems during your studies. E-mail: facharch_

AStA” is the abbreviation for “Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss” which can be translated to General Students’ Committee. AStA is a council of students, officially representing the student body of UdK Berlin.

The Student Parliament is a central institution of the student body and fulfills integral tasks of students’ self-organisation.

Interflugs is a self-organized student organization at the UdK Berlin. For almost 30 years, Interflugs has been operating as an umbrella organization for different projects initiated by students. Alongside students and teachers, and in communication with artists and cultural organizations, Interflugs acts independently and critically to open up space for all manners of discussion, artistic disciplines and self-education initiatives that go beyond or counteract the education machinery of UdK. Interflugs is organized in rotating sub-groups, running departments such as the equipment loan, the editing rooms, project funding, and the organization of workshops, lectures and the free class.

IDA is an autonomous student initiative with the main goal to establish a stable and easily accessible student network. “We support political processes in the context of Intersectionality, Diversity and Antidiscrimination while also offering cultural and political education in the form of seminars and workshops. Our goal is to create a space and an infrastructure for mutual support between students at the UdK Berlin.”

Klasse Klima: Als offene, autonome und interdisziplinäre Gruppe haben sich Studierende und Lehrende der UdK Berlin zusammengetan. Ziel ist es, unsere Universität und ihre Studierenden zu politisieren, die Klimakrise in Lehre und gestalterische Praxis zu übersetzen, sowie die UdK Berlin als Institution zu einer öffentlichen Positionierung und dem Umbau ihres eigenen Stoffwechsels zu bringen. Jeden Mittwoch trafen wir uns zu einem ganztägigen Seminar, das als Rahmen, Experiment und Reallabor diente. Auch im kommenden Semester wird es im Rahmen des Studium Generale wieder ein Seminar der Klasse Klima geben. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier

Udk For Future: Wir sind eine offene Gruppe von Studierenden der UDK Berlin, die sich innerhalb und außerhalb der Universität gegen die Klimakatastrophe und für Klimaschutz einsetzen. UdKFF pleniert jeden (Dienstag)18:00 – 20:00 im AStA der UdK - Hardenbergstr. 33 - Raum 09. E-Mail:

Here you can find more student initiatives.