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Study of Architecture at the UdK Berlin

Berlin University of the Arts offers a broad-base study of architecture, consisting of Bachelor and Master programmes. The focus of student training is on architectural planning, dedicated to an artistic as well as experimental understanding of architecture and design in the relevant social, political and cultural contexts.

The aim of study is to develop each student's autonomous artistic-design standpoint on a solid constructive-technological foundation. The balance of artistic, design and scientific methodologies is explored continually in the form of intense seminars, projects and individual supervision. The ultimate intention to qualify students successfully for a profession as designing architects is realized, among other things, by compulsory periods of practical experience and time spent abroad.  

The new registration of only 50 students annually in the Bachelor, and 40 students in the Master programme means that it is possible to develop an individual artistic profile through dialogue experienced among students and teaching staff. The separate departments offer independent, experimental perspectives on artistic, spatial and technological approaches in various teaching formats, which students absorb and adapt to create their own unique positions. This structure signifies a turn away from the principle of master classes that is practised at other European schools and academies of architecture with an artistic emphasis.  

The artistic-scientific study programme Architecture is set on an interdisciplinary foundation. As from the winter semester 2013/14 the Studium Generale was introduced, greatly promoting interaction between study programmes; this change is now firmly anchored in the regulations for study. The transdisciplinary project “UdK Campus-Collisions” enables students to get to know the diversity of the institution even in their first semester, and encourages them to work on basic questions from differing perspectives.  

The teaching language is German; however, some departments also offer bilingual teaching formats (G/E). The study programme is located in the main, neo-classicist building of Berlin University of the Arts in the city centre and the rooms used there are excellent – as well as providing ideal conditions for exhibitions and workshops. Theoretical and practical emphasis on the artistic and cultural-historical aspect of architecture as a constructive, spatial art form is also echoed in the programme's spatial proximity to the study programmes in Fine Arts.  

Berlin University of the Arts does not charge tuition fees.

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