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Administration Music Education

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mahlert

Tel.: 030 3185 2764
E-Mail: u.mahlert[at]web_de
Consultations hours: Mon. 12h-1pm and Thu. 4-6pm

If you are interested in course guidance, please contact Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mahlert´s office. You will find a list with dates in front of the room 306 (Fasanenstraße 1B). Please enter your name into the list.

In exceptional cases additional consultation hours can be arranged. Please contact Herrn Wölz (Tel.: 030 3185 2396).


Lietzenburger Straße 45
Raum 42

Herr Emil Wölz
Tel.: 030 3185 2396
E-Mail: emil.woelz[at]intra.udk-berlin_de

Consultation hours

Mon. - Thu.: 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm

Fri.: 11am - 1pm

Our student assistants support us in every sense. If you have any question, please send an e-mail to one of the following addresses.

Frau Janine Dabelow    |    E-Mail: j.dabelow[at]udk-berlin_de
Mon.: 10am - 3pm

Frau Luise Müller (only Music Education)    |    E-Mail: l.mueller[at]udk-berlin_de
Mon.: 10am - 12h


Universität der Künste Berlin

Institut für Musikpädagogik
Elke Thiele
Postfach 12 05 44
10595 Berlin