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Michael Harenberg, Frank Fiedler, and Ernesto Molinari

source: Kathrin Scheidt

die Reihe. Beiträge zu auditiver Kunst und Kultur

Michael Harenberg, Frank Fiedler, and Ernesto Molinari 
Friday, January 13, 2017
8 pm | free admission
Musikinstrumenten-Museum | Ben-Gurion-Straße, 10785 Berlin


For the third and last die Reihe event this semester, the composer, musicologist and media scientist Michael Harenberg meets the sound artist Frank Fiedler and the swiss clarinetist Ernesto Molinari on January 13, 2017 for a concert in the Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin.

The event will focus on Harenberg’s virtual instruments, which will be modulated, expanded and newly configured in collaboration with the percussive resonating bodies of Frank Fiedler and the sounds of the newly contrived double bass clarinet of Ernesto Molinari.

From this physical and virtual instrumental interlacing new forms of interplay and collaborative improvisation of sounds, structures and forms will arise, culminating in moments of amalgamation into one joint big instrument.


The event is part of the Berlin Interdisciplinary Workshop on Timbre, 12-13 January 2017

Michael Harenberg is a composer, musicologist and media scientist  and DAAD Edgard Varèse guest professor at the Audio Communication Group at the Technical University Berlin. His work focuses on digital sound culture, experimental interfaces, and compositional models of virtuality of the digital. He creates virtual instruments, stressing on their sounds but also on the aesthetics and new possibilities of musical expression. This also includes the bodies and actions of the musicians. How do they move the music and vice versa? What happens, when the relationship between sound, structure, body and performance is no longer predetermined but open to the unobstructed decisions of the players?


The sound artist Frank Fiedler teaches percussion at the Freie Musikschule Berlin and is part of various ensembles and interdisciplinary projects. In his music he focuses on the interface between archaic or ritual sound-things and the free play of the insisting sound explorer who is lost in thought: a fool in the resonance between sounding and doing.


The swiss clarinetist Ernesto Molinari is presently a professor for clarinet at the HKB (College of Arts) in Bern, Switzerland, and has also been teaching at the International Music Institute in Darmstadt and the Impuls Academy in Graz. He is an accomplished soloist on each of the instruments in the clarinet family and applies  himself to the interpretation of classical, romantic, and contemporary woks as well as to Jazz and Improvisation with a fearless approach to playing.

die Reihe. Beiträge zu auditiver Kunst und Kultur

die Reihe. Contributions to auditory art and cultureis an event series of the Audio Communication Group at Technical University Berlin and the Master’s program Sound Studies at the Berlin Career College at Berlin University oft he Arts. |