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14 +15 Feb 2022 | Farshad Xajehnassiri (tarxun) | THIS-PLACE-MEANT


by Farshad Xajehnassiri (aka tarxun


Monday, 14 Feb at 16:00 pm  |  Tuesday, 15 Feb at 18:00 pm
live act 



The concept of being "present" is getting more blurry everyday as we step further in post-internet times, sinking in virtual-realms and Meta-worlds. This idea resonates stronger on a personal as well as societal level, when considering the inevitability of communication through digital displays in the time of pandemic as much as the way it's been for the displaced and disaspora communities.

"THIS-PLACE-MEANT" is a live act that spotlights the visual/sonic events as a medium for questioning the (in)significance of presentiality in space.



Due to Covid restrictions, only 10 slots are available for each date. I would like to invite you to book the desired slot through the link below:

Please note that the event follows 2G+ regulations. So please bring a negative test in addition to your proof of Vaccination/ recovery.

To see this performance 2G+ is required